What is TrueNew™?

Multiple Accounts TrueNew is a new way of looking at unread mail in your inbox. Instead of only having an unread count to look at (and add mental stress) TrueNew shows you both your unread count, plus what is truly new since the last time you took any action on your inbox.

Why is this awesome?

Our philosophy was simple - it's not what's unread that's important - it's what is unseen - and that basically comes down to what is new since the last time you visited your account.

We believe in TrueNew so much that we took the idea from Mailroom and implemented it for Gmail as a plugin for Chrome, Safari 5, and as a SIMBL plugin on OS X for users of Mailplane (that's us, so again we built it for us first). You'll find each of our current implementations below.

Where can I find TrueNew™

Fair warning: None of the extensions below work with new Gmail. We're working to upgrade them.

Mailroom for iPhone

TrueNew was originally built for and incorporated in to Mailroom, the multi-account Gmail and Google Apps mail client. Get Mailroom for your iPhone

TrueNew is now built in to Mailplane!

Largely the inspiration for Mailroom, Mailplane is the multi-account Gmail application for the Desktop. Many of us on the Mailroom team use it, and now Mailplane ships with the TrueNew plugin built right in!

To download the new 2.2 version of Mailroom with TrueNew built in, click here. You can find further instructions on using TrueNew in Mailplane here.

NOTE: With TrueNew now built in, you will want to uninstall the old SIMBL Plugin. If you previously installed the Mailplane TrueNew SIMBL Plugin, learn how to uninstall it.

Safari 5 Extension

The primary home of Gmail...your browser. Safari is one of the industry's leading multi-platform web browsers and we've built a very simple auto-updating extension that includes the TrueNew "pill" next to your Inbox Label, right in the browser.

Install the Safari Extension now! It is auto-updating, so you'll get future releases and fixes like magic! Note: Safari 5 or higher is required for extensions!

Google Chrome Extension

Our first desktop browser extension, TrueNew for Chrome works just like the Safari extension above, putting the TrueNew "pill" next to your Inbox Label.

You can install TrueNew for Chrome by visiting it on the Chrome Extensions Website.